Sunday, November 16, 2014

How To Put Facebook Social Plugin Fan Box on Blogger

Social media provides a platform to share your blog posts with yours readers easily. It is important to give your readers an easy access to like and share your content with their friends as there are huge audience on social networking sites who can get access to your blog which can also increase the traffic and readers of your blog. In this post i will show you how to connect your blog with Facebook by using Facebook Like social media plugin. Facebook Like box also known as Facebook Fan box is the most important part of your site which allows the readers to like and share your content with others. You can add the plugins on blogger by following these easy steps:
1. Go to Facebook Social plugin's page. 

2. Enter the URL address of Facebook page for which you want to add the fan box in "URL to Like" option.
3. Press the "Get Code" option to get the code to put on your blog.

4. Copy the first part of the code.
5.Go to Blogger Dashboard.
6.Go to Template in the sidebar, then Edit HTML
7. Paste the code right after the <body> tag in  HTML Area.
8.Now copy the second part of the code and place it wherever you want the plugin to appear on your blog. To do this go to Layout > Add a gadget > Add HTML/JavaScript > and paste the code there. The second part of the plugin code looks like this;

9.Save the changes and now your Facebook Fan Box is ready.